phase II Classes


Bay Area Life Skills uses a program called "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" that was developed by Paul Hegstrom, founder of Life Skills International.  During the course, Men and Women meet separately and learn how and why the "cycle of violence" takes place.  New tools and skills are introduced to break the patterns of the past and establish balance in relationships. The class helps us work through emotional wounds and wrong beliefs about ourselves, so that we can grow up emotionally and spiritually and be all that God has created us for.  

Phase II

Phase II is a 24-month program available to graduates of Phase I. In a dynamic group environment, you can go deeper in application and continue to practice and implement new ways of living.  Phase II consists of 16 different modules.  New Phase I graduates may join at the beginning of each new module.


#1 Abilities Which Empower (4 wks+)

  • Taking a stand
  • Intervening in your own internal abuse
  • Recognizing and appreciating survival strategies
  • Establishing and respecting boundaries

#2 Denial and Defense Mechanisms (5 wks+) 

  • Defenses are used by all of us to protect ourselves from internal and external stressors. 
  • Discover the ones you use
  • Symptoms of relapse and denial
  • Checklist of symptoms of relapse
  • How not to fall back into old patterns
  • Learning to love self appropriately   

#3 Rejection (6-7 wks+) 

  • Why and how we react to rejection 
  • What it look like in relationships
  • The need to forgive
  • Healing from rejection

#4 Thinking/Feeling/Behaving (4 wks+)

  • Addictive thinking  -  what it looks like  Belief systems - how they affect our behavior
  • How thinking affects interpretation
  • “Obsessive/Compulsive” behavior

#5 Pleasers and Controllers (6 wks+)

  • Controlling vs. Pleasing 
  • Characteristics of “Pleasers” 
  • Who controls whom?  

#6 Codependency (6 wks+)

  • Addictions and codependency
  • Rules that codependents live by

#7 Codependency /Family Roles(4 wks+)

  • The troubled family and its roles 
  • Discover your role in the Codependent Family System and find the way out!  

#8 Addictive Love (4+  wks) 

  • Recognize addicted love
  • How to detach appropriately
  • Stopping the addicted love cycle
  • What mature love looks like

#9 Sexual Abuse (4wks+) 

  • An overview of sexual abuse
  • Understanding the survivor
  • Sexual abuses in childhood and the reactions in your adult life and relationships

#10  Memories and Trauma/Healing the Stages (10 wks+)

  • Break generational sin patterns
  • Pinpointing childhood wounds/trauma
  • Healing the stages of life trauma - stage by stage

#11 Again we Look at Shame (6 wks+)

  • Shame bound families
  • Roots of our shame
  • The cycle of our shame
  • Victory over shame

#12 Grieving (2 wks+)

  • Grieving our losses, an overview
  • Grieving process defined
  • Self-care during the process

#13 Reactive Lifestyle (2 wks+) 

  • What’s still driving you?  How are you using your “tools”?  
  • Are you less reactive?             

#14 Anger Review (2 wks+)

  • Hidden Anger checklist
  • The unrealistic expectations connection

#15 Communication and Resolution of Conflicts (6  wks+) 

  • Ensuring accurate communication
  • Tools for conflict resolution 

#16 Mature Love (2 wks+)

  • Understanding genuine love and how it plays out in relationships
  • Keeping your marriage alive


In order to make Life Skills classes affordable, fees are based on a sliding scale according to each individual's gross annual income.  Additionally Phase I has a $75 non-refundable materials fee and Phase II has a $50 non-refundable materials fee.  

Fees can be paid in full or divided into weekly or monthly payments.  We accept cash or checks.

Interested in Registering for a Class?  Want more information?  Please contact us today.